26 November 2015 AdminMain
Heroes Online us now available on Steam! If you want play, you have to download client "Steam". Link for Steam: for Game: Readmore
19 November 2015 AdminMain
29 Oktober 2015 AdminMain
Recently, Ubisoft services have been updated. They were a source of problems? Let's hope that the game already will be fine. Use the code: MMH-78ZO-W0F8-84NO-75A8 until the 1st of November, 23:59 CET Readmore
20 Oktober 2015 AdminMain
Moloko is first guild whose beat 100 levels of expedition. They proved they are the best once again! 3 gates win by one guild? Russia has completed! Readmore
08 Oktober 2015 AdminMain
Problems with chat and game.Some people can't connect to chat. Readmore
03 Oktober 2015 AdminMain
Do you want know everything about troops? Look here Readmore
Last week Ekstradycja and Legion503 joined forces to win 105 levels expedition. Poles defeated the Russians "Moloko", who already have achieved maximum of 100 levels expedition. Readmore
23 September 2015 AdminMain
Information about the haven & necro units have been added! link Readmore
17 September 2015 AdminMain
Thanks Blue-Byte support we have new min-maps! Readmore